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5 Things to Include on RSVP Cards

Wedding response cards are an important part to your wedding invitation suite. They help determine final guest counts along with a few other things that can help make the wedding planning process a bit easier – giving you all of the information needed to accommodate them. Below you will find a list of the five things to include on those RSVP cards.


1. Name Line: This line allows you to know who the card is coming from. Common ways to write this are “M___________” or “Name(s)__________”


2. Number Attending Line: This line gives you an accurate head count!


3. Response Date: The date guests should have their responses back to you by. Check with your caterer or venue, they may have a specific date they need a final count – it’s often four weeks before the wedding.


4. Song Request Line: This is a great place to add some fun, and allow the guests to be a part of the wedding. Let them fill in a favorite song to dance to!


5. Meal Selection: If you’re having a seated dinner with different entree selections, you can add an area to the reply card allowing guests to indicate their desired meal.

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